Acts of Secrecy - the DC-3 That Disappeared

After the end of the Second World War, the world found itself in a new situation. The two superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States struggled for power and influence, especially in Europe.

Sweden found itself wedged between these two powers and their respective allies. It was a geographically and politically vulnerable situation. Conditions in the Baltic Sea were tense. The Soviet Union had modernised its fleet and increased its air defences in response to repeated incursions from the West.

The last flight of the DC-3

Pic:Sweden had begun top-secret intelligence co-operation with the British. The Soviets were well aware of this through the Swedish spy, Stig Wennerström. The mission of the DC-3 was known – reconnaissance of the Russian air defences and radar stations. On 13 June 1952, the airplane took off on its last mission. Major Soviet naval exercises were taking place in the Baltic at the time. When a Soviet fighter shot down the Swedish reconnaissance plane, a 50 year long story of speculation, lies and mystery began. And for the relatives of the crew, 50 years of searching for the truth.