international conference

Outdoor storage of Aviation Heritage Objects

27th - 28th of September, 2018

What if we were to store some of our planes outdoors as a matter of choice rather than due to lack of storage space?

This is a challenge that The Swedish Air Force Museum faces along with many other museums worldwide. 

We have the pleasure of inviting you to an international conference at The Swedish Air Force Museum on the 27th - 28th of September in 2018 about the storage of aviation heritage objects.

At present, four planes at The Swedish Air Force Museum are stored outside due to lack of storage space. One of them is a unique SIGN-INT plane which is fitted with intact equipment from the 1990’s. We have started a project to obtain financing and building permission for a new warehouse. Meanwhile, we wish to evaluate the best possible practice for taking care of our outdoor planes.

Topics that will be adressed during the conference are for instance the long and short term effects of outdoor storage, good maintenance practices, conservation and restauration practices, the role of volunteers, visitors' experince and adressing opinions of stakeholders, all based on knowledge and experince from diffrent aviation museums around the globe.

This conference offers the opportunity to discuss these issues and many other aviation heritage concerns together with colleagues from all around the world.

Please register for the conference via one of the email adresses listed below:

Curator of Collections, Mrs Linnéa Holmberg Wensby

The Director of Collections, Mr Torsten Nilsson

If you have any further inqueries do not hesitate to contact us.

Topics for the conference include:

Is there a best practice concerning conservation and restauration of outdoor objects?
What are the long and short term effects of outdoor storage (interior and exterior)?
How do practices and maintenance vary depending on local climate?
What are the costs and working hours associated with outdoor storage?
Is it appropriate for museum objects to be kept outdoors?
Are our museum collections simply too large?
How do we justify outdoor storage of heritage objects to visitors and stakeholders?
How important are volunteers when preserving outdoor planes?
What is the most suitable surface for an outdoor plane?
Could a canopy be an alternative?

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